Dream Analyst, Author & Researcher Craig Webb

dream analyst, researcher & author Craig Webb

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Craig Webb, Executive Director of the non-profit DREAMS Foundation for 25 years, is a McGill University graduate with pioneering dream and lucid dream research at Stanford University and Montreal’s Sacré-Coeur Hospital. As an author, columnist, and hired/invited expert for major motion pictures, fortune 500 companies, universities, international TV networks, numerous magazines and e-zines, and well over 1000 media (ABC, BBC, SyFy/NBC/Universal, Discovery Channel, New York Times, MSN, etc.), he’s broadcast/published cutting edge approaches on dreams, lucid dreaming, applied psychology, communications, creativity, and the science of mind, as well as interviews with leading visionaries. His trainings have enabled CEO’s, celebrities, best-selling authors, world-class athletes, and other clients from all walks of life to make profound breakthroughs while having loads of fun. Craig also helped found/produce “Making Contact” (a progressive radio show airing weekly on 150+ stations for 25 years), and has designed multiple personal transformation devices with worldwide distribution. For over 2 decades, he’'s had the privilege to lead numerous training programs and over 1500 miles of transformational training programs. He has performed and presented at benefit concerts and events, and served as a volunteer for Children's hospitals and environmental organizations, Montreal's suicide hotline, 3rd world development programs, and various other humanitarian causes.

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A Few Testimonials:

“I have been quite impressed with Craig's sincerity and skillfulness, and a remarkably prescient interest in everybody he meets. I am sure you will find him to be one of those rare, authentic persons who are a pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend that you take a look at his remarkable work.”
        –Mark Schneider, Producer/Host of CTV News' Horizons

“I admire your work and your dedication.. Your ability to deliver complex ideas clearly and concisely is outstanding, plus you are a wonderful listener.”
        –Bailey Barash, producer/journalist, Emmy-winning former Executive Producer of CNN Science & Technology

“Craig, Thank you once again for being a guest on Holder Tonight. It’s always a pleasure to have you on the program to talk about the world of dreams and share some of your knowledge with our listeners. Our boss was listening to the show and he said he found the portions that he heard fascinating. He particularly listened closely to the woman who was having an on-going dream about somebody in her room and later mentioned that she was molested as a child. As luck would have it, I also received an email from that same listener. Turns out she is a regular listener whom I have actually met - a young woman who only just last year lost her sight. She was very impressed with what you had to say and when you mentioned that her dream probably dealt with getting over the past issues and facing fear, it was like a light bulb going off in her head. After she spent a bit of time crying, she came to the realization that you were absolutely right. You gave her a possibility that she never thought of. That’s another job well done. Continued successes with all you do and thank you once again for all your time and trouble.”
        –Peter Anthony Holder, Radio/TV host, CJAD Montreal & others

“Thank you very much for the amazing insight you gave me on my dream. I actually agree with you in all points and I am sure it will help me to make the right decision in my conscious life. I actually was so impressed that I discussed the topic dreaming during our weekly team meeting and we decided to run a cover story in one of the next issues.”
        –Therese A., national magazine Editor

“Craig, the response to your interview was phenomenal... we had loads of calls and plenty of hits on our website. We are really interested in getting you back on the show in the near future.”
        –TalkSPORT radio, UK’s largest commercial station

“Craig is a bright, shining guide in my life.”
        –Kaya Wittenburg, author, TV celebrity/host, winner of FOX TV’s original Temptation Island

“I wanted powerful transformation and wow did I get it! Thanks so much Craig, I am so grateful.”
        –Hélène Gosselin, CEO, Assurances Gosselin, Inc.

“Craig is exceptionally intuitive and knowledgeable, and meeting and working with him is a pleasure and a gift. He radiates and a lot of inner power, kindness, and a transparent innocence, and shares a sincere desire to help others. He also teaches in a unique, empowering way that has helped me understand myself and get in touch with my essence. I find him completely genuine and sincere, and that has helped me to trust him and myself deeply in a way that has let me look inward and open many closed doors. He can help bring you back to life where you are dead, because he is willing and somehow able to even tune into your truest needs and then guide you to get in touch with them. He has a unique gift to uplift and to bring forth the best in people, and I imagine he has touched many lives in this same way that has made me feel so blessed and fortunate. Meeting and working with such a gifted soul is truly a rare opportunity. Don’t miss it.”
        –Ira Roth, Professor of Mathematics, McGill University & Dawson College

“I cried so much last night after I woke up from such a horrible nightmare. I felt scared, like a child. It was so awful I couldn't stop crying. I was so afraid the nightmare would come back. Every time I dozed off, I would wake up again feeling even more anxious. I was literally shaking in the dark even wanting to call someone, that's how bad it was. Now that I have carefully read your material and slowly apply what I read to my nightmare and my life, I can see what my dream was all about. Thank you so much for enlightening me because not only did you help me interpret this nightmare, but helped me understand a symbol that I have been so scared of throughout my life. Now I know what it means and I don't have to be afraid anymore. Thank you again.”

“Craig, I have this strong impression that you catch what's deeply in me more than anybody else, and maybe more than myself. Thank you for believing in me and accompanying me during this critical part of my life. I am blessed that I met you. Thanks for your prayers...my daughter’s illness had a relapse and is back on her feet. Your prayers had something to do with it I am sure. I appreciate your devotion to my situation and deeply trust you. Your presence is so enlightening and enriching. I’m especially happy with the concrete results. It’s amazing!”
        –Hélène Coté, Psychotherapist

“God bless you Craig! I am amazed at how effective this work is, the homeopathy didn't do it, healing reiki, cranial sacral, diet, hypnotherapy, you name it -- all helped but no big psychological breakthroughs like what I’ve been experiencing.”
        –Ursula, Naturopath (UK)

“Because of the training program and individual sessions I did with Craig, I really experienced the joy of dreams and Lucid Living. He truly has a wonderful warmth, good spirit, and great wit. I also invited him to present in the psychology class I teach at University. He gave an excellent presentation and the students really appreciated him.”
        –MF Cyr, Ph.D., Professor, French author

“I most liked the amount of trust created by Craig and the group, and Craig's unbelievable ability to access, trust and stay with his intuition, and see and contact a deeper reality. I found him to be the least ego-driven teacher/facilitator I've ever encountered. He has a sincere, genuine, innocent concern to share his knowledge, abilities and enthusiasm for Lucid Living, and to help the participants acquire increased power and choice in their lives.”
        –Christine Dreisziger, course participant

“Craig is a highly knowledgeable, enjoyable, insightful and very inspiring workshop leader. I’ve personally experienced how his presence, strong intuition, and compassion shed light on core issues in a way that invites one to open up to healing. Craig lives the message that he teaches with sincerity and great humor. I recommend his workshops and counseling most highly.”
        –Rev. Dr. Rachel Rivers

“I understand many things I had hitherto hidden from myself. You have opened my eyes where others have failed. Most importantly, I finally recognize that the enemy is not the past, but myself. I am excited, scared, and keen to go on. It's amazing that all my life I have been too frightened to 'trust myself' and 'let go'. You, Mr. Craig Webb, have largely opened this door. I thank you with all my heart.”
        –R. K., client (UK)

“I received the materials you sent me yesterday morning. It is uncanny how appropriate it is for me at this moment in my life; like doctor's prescription. Thank you! And Thank you for the most beautiful words you found for my short difficult question. They are like music to my years, so simple and yet so convincing.”
        –client feedback

“The Mentor Program at the University of Oregon is very successful because of professionals like you who extend their time, knowledge, and energy to our students.”
        –University of Oregon Mentor Program

“Your work is spectacular, but at the same time extremely enjoyable.”
        –J. Jothira, India

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