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August 17-24, 2013  (Saturday - Saturday)

Algonquin DreamQuest Adventure 

Imagine paddling across a sheet of sparkling liquid diamond by day, tanning peacefully to a gentle dip-and-swing paddling rhythm. Then, imagine the wilderness laughter call of loons at sunset and the welcome, gentle wafting aroma of campfire stir-fry, while you discover, by night, how to navigate the tandem inner world of dreams.

A flexible paddling schedule allows for stargazing, saunas, and learning proven techniques for remembering, sharing and understanding dreams, for stimulating lucid dreams, and for consciously enhancing fun and fulfillment in waking life.  

This experience begins Saturday night with dinner at base camp, followed by a pre-trip orientation to dreams and dreaming with Craig and your fellow travelers.   Following a restful night in the lodge or one of our forest cabins, wake to a nourishing buffet breakfast before packing the canoes and heading into Algonquin Park to dream. 

Craig Sim Webb, Executive Director of the non-profit DREAMS Foundation (, is a dream analyst/author/researcher, physicist/inventor, canoe guide (20+ years), and performing/recording musician. Including pioneering dream research at Stanford University and Montreal's Sacre-Coeur Hospital, he has spent 2 decades practicing, studying, writing, and teaching about dreams, dream interpretation, applied dreaming, lucid dreaming, and Lucid Living with a refreshing, enthusiastic style that blends soul, science, heart and humor. Craig is an invited expert for major motion pictures, Fortune 500 corporations, a multi-year national show on BBC, SyFy (featured author/expert), and various others and has made over a thousand international public/media appearances in such places as The Discovery Channel, ABC, CBS, NBC, CTV, TV Radio-Canada, and many others.

2012 Algonquin DreamQuest Adventure Package:
$1295 CAD,  all inclusive*
(= $1295 USD, may vary according to exchange rates)

Register or ask questions about this extraordinary holiday, call 514-990-2113 for more information.

*All equipment, canoes, meals, guide services, camping permits.